Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I have become!

How having a baby changed my life in ways I did not know it would:

  • Where does it all come from?  They can projectile poop, WHAT! I didn't realize I would examine and discuss my babies poop so much

  • Going out to eat starts at 5pm now, which is fine because I am probably starving.  Need to get out before baby needs to go to bed.

  • Last minute plans to go out with friends, forget about it, not because the plans are last minute but because I don’t want to leave my little man.  

  • I didn’t know I could fall any deeper in love with my husband till I had our baby.  That fades but does come back every time I see him with our son :).

  • Once a week laundry is still not enough

  • Didn't realize someone so little could be so strong.  Swaddles got nothing on my kid.
  • Didn't realize I would spend so much money on a toy.  Which was a waste because he would rather play with the box it came in.

  • I don’t know if I will ever let my husband touch my boobs again. (Sorry TMI)

  • Didn't realize if I skipped nursing or pumping after so long my boobs could get so hard or leak so much.  Nothing like your brother pointing out that you leaked through.
  • How much it takes to just leave the house.  You learn quickly when you forget everything.
  • I get mom arms now.  Carrying the car seat with a baby in it, is a workout.

  • How much I would sing.  My voice is terrible but for some reason it seems to calm my little man.  At least for a little bit.

  • I have always been a cry baby (Kodak commercials get me every time).  But now it is much worse and even more so when it comes to other kids.

  • A screaming baby no longer bothers me, I just can relate now.  

  • I didn't realize that I would want to stare into someones eyes so much or give nonstop kisses on those cheeks.

My one advice to all parents out there.  Make sure the baby is done farting before you take off the diaper!

Do you have any additional things you didn’t realize till you had a baby?  Do you have any advice for the future parents?

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