Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today my dad would have been 61!  I don’t talk about my dad much because I couldn't do it without crying (of course I am crying now).  I am finally to the point that I can talk about my dad without getting upset mid sentence.  So Here is my Dad!

My dad was one of the smartest men I know, he had a way with his words that would make you believe anything he said.  He didn't let anything keep him from doing what he wanted and for him that wasn't always easy.  When I was about 3 my dad went blind.  A few years later he went on dialysis and was put on the waiting list for a kidney, pancreas transplant.  I don’t know what age I was but I was young.  I remember sitting in the car I think in the Wendy’s parking lot and his pager went off.  Yes, a pager, that tells you how long ago it was.  It was time, he was getting his transplant!  Everything went well, he had a few years where he was sick a lot and in the hospital but for the majority of my life he was healthy.

No matter how sick he was or what he was going through he went to everything of my brothers and I.  He probably set through at least 15 years of recitals.  He definitely wasn't there to see me dance (because he couldn't see duh ;) ) but he was there to support me!  He overcame so many obstacles, nothing slowed him down.  My dad could always make you laugh but could always make sure you were behaving.  He would study with us, he would play with us.  When I was in high school we did the father daughter dance with the drill team at halftime.  My dad was awesome, he insisted that we stay late and practice.  He wanted to be perfect for everyone watching.  Trust me he was perfect, it was one of many amazing memories I have.  My dad had such a kind heart and gave the best hugs.  

November will make it 5 years from when my dad passed away.  I was about to graduate with my masters and had recently got engaged.  My dads health was just ok at the time.  He was back on dialysis.  His kidney was failing and he was going to have to have a kidney transplant.  But we were excited my family agreed my mom was going to donate her kidney so things were moving ahead for that.  My dad was determined to get better he was going to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.  He got sick and had to go into the hospital for a few days.  Things seemed good and he was doing well.  He was happy, we talked wedding planning all the time.  He loved Ryan and was so exciting for us.  Without getting into too much detail something happened and he didn't make it through the night.  It was totally unexpected and something I will never forget.

My dad taught me to work hard for what I want and to never give up.   I always wanted to make my dad proud and he always made sure to show or tell me that he was always proud.  He always wanted the best for my brother and I.  I miss my dad every second.  I wish he was here for so many reasons.  But I know God has his plans for a reason.  Maybe it was so I can have my own beautiful little Henry.  I see so much of my dad in my son and I know we are both so lucky to have an angle looking down on us.