Thursday, November 21, 2013

Give it a try...

I find it necessary to try anything and everything I give my baby.  If I am willing to give something to my baby I should be ok with it as well.  

Items I have tried:

  • I am not really sure what my son’s taste buds are like but they are nothing like mine.  I always try the baby food that I give him.  Some of those mixtures are weird and gross but he eats them up.  My plan was to make my own baby food but unfortunately I never took the time to do it (this is me not giving a bunch of excuses).  I refuse to buy the baby food with meat in it I think that is so gross and am not willing to try it.  Luckily now my son eats a lot of what we eat.

  • We have had the joys of teething and unfortunately we are not the lucky ones that it doesn’t bother the baby.  We invested in the teething gel which of course I tried.  It didn’t do anything for me no numbing nothing.  Not really sure how it works for him.  We stopped using the gel only because it so hard to get on his gums.  We started using the teething tablets.  Well of course I tried it and again it didn't do anything for me.  But not only did it not work but it was gross.  When Henry see’s the tablets you would think I was giving him candy.  He loves the things and they seem to work.  

  • My child is never this happy
    We have the lovely Nosefrida to suck snot out of Henry’s nose.  My son freaks out with it but he also freaks out with diaper changing.  It is probably from us holding him down.  Now I can’t say that I have tried it but I did see my husband try it on himself.  Also,  I totally recommend this so much easier and get way more snot than the sucker things they hospital provides.  

  • I do have to say I never tried my breast milk.  Thank goodness everyone reassures me it is good for them.  I just couldn't bring myself to try it and I am pretty sure my husband never tried it either.

  • Of course we test out all of Henry’s toys.  If it’s not something we want to play with then I am sure my son wouldn't like it either.  We have stopped reading a book because Ryan found it to be boring.  
Playing with all his new toys!

I would have to say this is about it on what we have giving our son.  We really try not to give our son things we are not willing to try or use ourselves.

Is there anything that you have done or tried before you gave your kiddos?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cry It Out

My son turned 4 months back in June.  At his 4 month appointment our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to let him cry it out.   Henry only woke up once or twice throughout the night already but to get him to through the night would be amazing.  My husband and I agreed we would make Henry cry it out.  Luckily it only took 3 nights.  Three very painful and sleepless nights.  It is hard for me to sleep when my child is crying.  But magically that fourth night Henry slept all the way through!  
My Big 9mth Old :(

Here we are to today.  My son just turned 9 months.  He normally sleeps till 4 or 5 and I can nurse him and he will go back to sleep till 6 or 7 (if we are lucky).  I am sure he doesn't need that morning feeding but it works and allows me to go back to sleep quickly or start getting ready for work.  But we have run into a problem and this is where my husband and I disagree.  Last night Henry woke up twice once at 12 and once at 2.  At 12 I got up and rocked him back to sleep pretty quickly.  At 2 my husband told me to let him cry it out.  I usually see my husband’s side of things but this time I didn't agree with him.  This is not a normal thing for my son and I don’t think it would have been something he would continue in the future nights.  Well, I gave my husband the benefit of the doubt and let my son cry it out.  I actually fell asleep for a bit so it went longer than I would have liked.  I did, finally get up and rock him.  Unfortunately rocking him didn't work so I gave him 4 oz of formula.  The bottle worked and he was back to sleep.  
My son loves sleeping in his bed!

I am writing this post not to bash my husband because obviously he was wrong in this situation ;).  But I want to get other moms opinions.  I hate hearing my son cry and I will admit I am definitely a push over.  I will walk around with my son on my hip all day if I have to, to keep him from crying.  My husband is stronger than me when it comes to our son and that is why I do listen to him a lot and take his advice.  I love seeing my husband and son play!

What would you do in this situation and how do you feel about the cry it out method?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I have become!

How having a baby changed my life in ways I did not know it would:

  • Where does it all come from?  They can projectile poop, WHAT! I didn't realize I would examine and discuss my babies poop so much

  • Going out to eat starts at 5pm now, which is fine because I am probably starving.  Need to get out before baby needs to go to bed.

  • Last minute plans to go out with friends, forget about it, not because the plans are last minute but because I don’t want to leave my little man.  

  • I didn’t know I could fall any deeper in love with my husband till I had our baby.  That fades but does come back every time I see him with our son :).

  • Once a week laundry is still not enough

  • Didn't realize someone so little could be so strong.  Swaddles got nothing on my kid.
  • Didn't realize I would spend so much money on a toy.  Which was a waste because he would rather play with the box it came in.

  • I don’t know if I will ever let my husband touch my boobs again. (Sorry TMI)

  • Didn't realize if I skipped nursing or pumping after so long my boobs could get so hard or leak so much.  Nothing like your brother pointing out that you leaked through.
  • How much it takes to just leave the house.  You learn quickly when you forget everything.
  • I get mom arms now.  Carrying the car seat with a baby in it, is a workout.

  • How much I would sing.  My voice is terrible but for some reason it seems to calm my little man.  At least for a little bit.

  • I have always been a cry baby (Kodak commercials get me every time).  But now it is much worse and even more so when it comes to other kids.

  • A screaming baby no longer bothers me, I just can relate now.  

  • I didn't realize that I would want to stare into someones eyes so much or give nonstop kisses on those cheeks.

My one advice to all parents out there.  Make sure the baby is done farting before you take off the diaper!

Do you have any additional things you didn’t realize till you had a baby?  Do you have any advice for the future parents?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween I had to post a picture of my little man.  I got the costume expecting him to only where it around the house.  I think he is too young to go trick a treating because obviously the candy would be going to me.  Sorry to those parents that do it but I think it is weird.  My mom did have a trunk a treat at her church which she took him to.  It allowed her to show off her handsome grandson.  

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween can’t wait till next year when I can take my son and steal all his candy!!! WAAAHHAAHA (witches laugh)