Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend of Remembrance and Fun

Because our weekend extended to Monday I am just now getting to our weekend flashback!

My mom was so kind and watched Henry for us.  Ryan and I got a date night.  We first went and saw Brody Keese.  OH MY talk about ADORABLE!! But of course, his parents are pretty good looking as well.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the handsome little fella.  I can't wait for him and Henry to play together.  

We then headed to the movies.  We were the only ones in the theater (it was like 3:30) 
We saw Million Dollar Arm so good!! Go see it if you haven't yet. 

Because we are old and I had wine, after the movie we went and had
 a few more drinks on a patio and then called it a night. 

We Love watching Daddy on his bike.  This guy was cheering everyone all.
The riders loved it!

We then hit up our awesome front yard pool!

Who doesn't love a little plumber crack!

Stomping in Puddles with Mommy is so fun
Henry loved this!

What a fun day!  We went to a friends to hang out by the pool but the weather decided otherwise.  That did not keep the kiddos from going out and playing.  This was our group selfie!

Once it was time to eat we all went in.  And the real fun began.  Oh my the kids were hilarious and having so much fun with each other.  

There are like 3 other videos of this, it went on for a while it was so funny the kids were LOVING IT!  

We had such a great time hanging out with our friends but we always do!

Ryan and I went out and did a Memorial Day Bike Ride.  
Folks this was my first time back on my bike since 14 weeks (about) into my pregnancy.
I loved it and can't wait to get back on!
Us Right before the ride.
UGH I can not pull off biking clothes (why do they make them so ugly)

Thanks Gigi for watching Henry why we rode!

We had a great weekend and even had some great naps!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend!  Thank you to all of those that have served and have allowed me to have this moment below!

Henry always wants to hold our hands now even in the car!  LOVE IT!!!
He held Ryan's hand and kept putting up his other hand for me (melt my heart)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mom of the Year!

Here is the thing.  I consider Ryan and I very good parents.  Henry is alive and healthy and doesn't get hurt TO much!  Henry is a little boy that is all boy and has a lot, I mean a lot of energy!  He is super fast and lets just say Ryan and I are on the same page that sometimes it is just easier to just let him do it. 

How this post came about is I would let one of my very good friends know when I received a mother of the year award.  What this really means is Henry did something and I didn't maybe stop him as quickly as I should have.  I figured why not share my awards with everyone so they don't feel so bad if maybe their little one gets away with something not so great.  And I know you all think we are perfect parents so here is a little piece into our lives that is not so perfect ;)

So I would never  rarely sterilize Henry's bottles, pacifiers, and well forget about his toys. Does putting bath toys in really hot soapy water work after Henry pooped in the bath?  I hope so because that is what I did!

Naked booty on toy no problem he just got out of the
bath and not the one he pooped in!

Henry loves being outside and we play outside when we get home from school.  I may have forgotten to wash his hands after he played with the car tires before he ate dinner.  OOPPS Still a live phew!

So Henry loves our dog Gary and he loves giving Gary his treats.  

There may have been a few times where I couldn't get the dog treat out of his mouth and so I just let him suck on it for a bit. 

We also have to watch out because he likes Gary's dog food as well.  And well there was this one time when we were skyping with Ryan's parents and we didn't quit stop Henry from eating the dog food.  It's all natural I think!

He apparently likes raw hides as well.  He gave him a raw hide to give to my aunt's dog and he ended up chewing on it. 

So this is my last Mom Award we let Henry stand on the kitchen counter and play in the medicine cabinet.  Don't worry he can't get into any of the medicine and we are always standing right there.  

I read about being a Yes Mom on one of the blogs I follow Mommfessionals.  I think I fit into that catagory.  I hope that I can say yes to my son more than no.  Which is tough with my son!  

Yes son you can stand on top of your toys!

DISCLAIMER:  My son was never hurt in any of his activities and I would never let my son do anything that could put him in danger. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

For me this blog will be something I can go back and look at.  On that note Monday’s are going to be my Flash Back to hopefully a weekend of fun!
The weather has been so nice here that we have been trying to spend a lot of time outside.  I also try to plan lots of things for us to do.  That way we are doing fun things and not just sitting around. 

We Played a Little Baseball

After Baseball We Needed a Water Break

Henry found Daddy's ring when Ryan left to go on a bike ride.
 He carried around all morning (so cute)
Henry and I decided we should go out and surprise Lindsay and Caitlyn
We like to show our support when friends put on events!
I don't understand why all three kids can't just
sit there and smile all at the same time (yeah right) 
They loved the Horses
We spent a little time out there and then I had to head off to a baby shower.  I dropped Henry off with Ryan so they could go to swim lessons (unfortunately no pictures).  We then met up for a friends Block Party.  
Henry tried to hula hoop and then cheated at bags
and of course played in the balloon toss water
We did a balloon toss, we lost :(


We went to get our bikes tuned up and get Henry a helmet
He wasn't so sure about it till he saw daddy with his helmet on

Henry already has a strider and has been checking it out a little more lately
 and we plan on getting a bike trailer so we can do some family rides
all of which Henry needs a helmet for
We then went to watch Ryan at his baseball game
Henry was surprisingly really into it for like 5min at a time
It was a really nice weekend.  We had a lot of fun and I was even able to get some cleaning and laundry done! Weekends like this I never want to end.  Don't let me fool you though they are not always this nice.  I hope everyone had a good weekend as well!?

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Baby is 1

(Henry's Professional Pictures we loved Pebblebrook Portraits)

Here it is like I said I would do, Henry’s Birthday Post!!  Of course Ryan and I planned our first vacation away from Henry the week following his birthday.  It was a little crazy trying to get ready for the party and get ready for a ski trip.  But I did it and I think it was a success!  My family was a huge help.  It was a Saved By the Bell theme!  Please ignore the terrible house we are renting (ugh I hate this house)

The most important spot!  Where Henry had his first piece of cake. 

My baby to a 1 year old baby (he will always be my baby)

This wasn't even all of his gifts.  This child is so spoiled LOVED!

Thank you pinterest for the idea!

This was recently changed it didn't turn out how I wanted I will have to get a picture of the new info sheet

Henry got a slide from his Aunt Heather and Uncle Aaron.  It was a huge hit, Henry loved it and so did all the other kids

 My Mom, Brother and Sister in-law helped with food and food set up.  Ryan’s sister (my sister in-law) and her husband came in town from Colorado and they were a huge help running last minute errands and getting things ready.    I couldn't have gotten it all together without them!  I know there are pictures somewhere of Ryan and I with Henry.  It was a lot of fun and I think Henry really enjoyed it.

Monday, May 12, 2014


It has been awhile since I wrote on here.  Things got a little crazy, I started a new job.  It is something new to me and I have been trying to get settled in with the job.  I think I am kind of settling in?!  We were trying to find a house to buy.  Ugh this process AGAIN!!  It is so tedious looking for houses.  Don’t get me wrong it is much better than trying to sell a house.  Luckily we found something!! We are going to be building, what are we crazyyyy! As of now there isn't much going on but I hope to make a post on the progress and what we are up to on the house at least once a month.  (I am trying to make myself more persistent with this blog)

Onto fun things.  Henry turned 1 omg my baby is getting so big.  We had a Saved By the Bell party.  You might wonder why we would have a party that is not a normal 1 year old party?  Well don’t worry I will explain!  Before Henry was born, Ryan would say, “won't it be so fun when we have the baby to watch Saved By the Bell, Saturday mornings with the baby”.  Well Henry was born and we still watch recorded Saved By the Bell shows.  Hopefully soon Henry will actually pay attention to the show ;).  The party was so fun and I will write up a separate post just on his party!

It feels good to be back and my goal is to make this blog a priority. I love seeing my life written out and I enjoy seeing what others think about my crazy, not so perfect life!  
Tough to get us all to smile at once!  My little family!