Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

For me this blog will be something I can go back and look at.  On that note Monday’s are going to be my Flash Back to hopefully a weekend of fun!
The weather has been so nice here that we have been trying to spend a lot of time outside.  I also try to plan lots of things for us to do.  That way we are doing fun things and not just sitting around. 

We Played a Little Baseball

After Baseball We Needed a Water Break

Henry found Daddy's ring when Ryan left to go on a bike ride.
 He carried around all morning (so cute)
Henry and I decided we should go out and surprise Lindsay and Caitlyn
We like to show our support when friends put on events!
I don't understand why all three kids can't just
sit there and smile all at the same time (yeah right) 
They loved the Horses
We spent a little time out there and then I had to head off to a baby shower.  I dropped Henry off with Ryan so they could go to swim lessons (unfortunately no pictures).  We then met up for a friends Block Party.  
Henry tried to hula hoop and then cheated at bags
and of course played in the balloon toss water
We did a balloon toss, we lost :(


We went to get our bikes tuned up and get Henry a helmet
He wasn't so sure about it till he saw daddy with his helmet on

Henry already has a strider and has been checking it out a little more lately
 and we plan on getting a bike trailer so we can do some family rides
all of which Henry needs a helmet for
We then went to watch Ryan at his baseball game
Henry was surprisingly really into it for like 5min at a time
It was a really nice weekend.  We had a lot of fun and I was even able to get some cleaning and laundry done! Weekends like this I never want to end.  Don't let me fool you though they are not always this nice.  I hope everyone had a good weekend as well!?


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    1. Thank you Lindsay! Our little guy is a lot of fun defiantly keeps us on the move.