Friday, May 16, 2014

My Baby is 1

(Henry's Professional Pictures we loved Pebblebrook Portraits)

Here it is like I said I would do, Henry’s Birthday Post!!  Of course Ryan and I planned our first vacation away from Henry the week following his birthday.  It was a little crazy trying to get ready for the party and get ready for a ski trip.  But I did it and I think it was a success!  My family was a huge help.  It was a Saved By the Bell theme!  Please ignore the terrible house we are renting (ugh I hate this house)

The most important spot!  Where Henry had his first piece of cake. 

My baby to a 1 year old baby (he will always be my baby)

This wasn't even all of his gifts.  This child is so spoiled LOVED!

Thank you pinterest for the idea!

This was recently changed it didn't turn out how I wanted I will have to get a picture of the new info sheet

Henry got a slide from his Aunt Heather and Uncle Aaron.  It was a huge hit, Henry loved it and so did all the other kids

 My Mom, Brother and Sister in-law helped with food and food set up.  Ryan’s sister (my sister in-law) and her husband came in town from Colorado and they were a huge help running last minute errands and getting things ready.    I couldn't have gotten it all together without them!  I know there are pictures somewhere of Ryan and I with Henry.  It was a lot of fun and I think Henry really enjoyed it.

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