Monday, May 12, 2014


It has been awhile since I wrote on here.  Things got a little crazy, I started a new job.  It is something new to me and I have been trying to get settled in with the job.  I think I am kind of settling in?!  We were trying to find a house to buy.  Ugh this process AGAIN!!  It is so tedious looking for houses.  Don’t get me wrong it is much better than trying to sell a house.  Luckily we found something!! We are going to be building, what are we crazyyyy! As of now there isn't much going on but I hope to make a post on the progress and what we are up to on the house at least once a month.  (I am trying to make myself more persistent with this blog)

Onto fun things.  Henry turned 1 omg my baby is getting so big.  We had a Saved By the Bell party.  You might wonder why we would have a party that is not a normal 1 year old party?  Well don’t worry I will explain!  Before Henry was born, Ryan would say, “won't it be so fun when we have the baby to watch Saved By the Bell, Saturday mornings with the baby”.  Well Henry was born and we still watch recorded Saved By the Bell shows.  Hopefully soon Henry will actually pay attention to the show ;).  The party was so fun and I will write up a separate post just on his party!

It feels good to be back and my goal is to make this blog a priority. I love seeing my life written out and I enjoy seeing what others think about my crazy, not so perfect life!  
Tough to get us all to smile at once!  My little family!

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