Thursday, November 21, 2013

Give it a try...

I find it necessary to try anything and everything I give my baby.  If I am willing to give something to my baby I should be ok with it as well.  

Items I have tried:

  • I am not really sure what my son’s taste buds are like but they are nothing like mine.  I always try the baby food that I give him.  Some of those mixtures are weird and gross but he eats them up.  My plan was to make my own baby food but unfortunately I never took the time to do it (this is me not giving a bunch of excuses).  I refuse to buy the baby food with meat in it I think that is so gross and am not willing to try it.  Luckily now my son eats a lot of what we eat.

  • We have had the joys of teething and unfortunately we are not the lucky ones that it doesn’t bother the baby.  We invested in the teething gel which of course I tried.  It didn’t do anything for me no numbing nothing.  Not really sure how it works for him.  We stopped using the gel only because it so hard to get on his gums.  We started using the teething tablets.  Well of course I tried it and again it didn't do anything for me.  But not only did it not work but it was gross.  When Henry see’s the tablets you would think I was giving him candy.  He loves the things and they seem to work.  

  • My child is never this happy
    We have the lovely Nosefrida to suck snot out of Henry’s nose.  My son freaks out with it but he also freaks out with diaper changing.  It is probably from us holding him down.  Now I can’t say that I have tried it but I did see my husband try it on himself.  Also,  I totally recommend this so much easier and get way more snot than the sucker things they hospital provides.  

  • I do have to say I never tried my breast milk.  Thank goodness everyone reassures me it is good for them.  I just couldn't bring myself to try it and I am pretty sure my husband never tried it either.

  • Of course we test out all of Henry’s toys.  If it’s not something we want to play with then I am sure my son wouldn't like it either.  We have stopped reading a book because Ryan found it to be boring.  
Playing with all his new toys!

I would have to say this is about it on what we have giving our son.  We really try not to give our son things we are not willing to try or use ourselves.

Is there anything that you have done or tried before you gave your kiddos?

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