Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mom of the Year!

Here is the thing.  I consider Ryan and I very good parents.  Henry is alive and healthy and doesn't get hurt TO much!  Henry is a little boy that is all boy and has a lot, I mean a lot of energy!  He is super fast and lets just say Ryan and I are on the same page that sometimes it is just easier to just let him do it. 

How this post came about is I would let one of my very good friends know when I received a mother of the year award.  What this really means is Henry did something and I didn't maybe stop him as quickly as I should have.  I figured why not share my awards with everyone so they don't feel so bad if maybe their little one gets away with something not so great.  And I know you all think we are perfect parents so here is a little piece into our lives that is not so perfect ;)

So I would never  rarely sterilize Henry's bottles, pacifiers, and well forget about his toys. Does putting bath toys in really hot soapy water work after Henry pooped in the bath?  I hope so because that is what I did!

Naked booty on toy no problem he just got out of the
bath and not the one he pooped in!

Henry loves being outside and we play outside when we get home from school.  I may have forgotten to wash his hands after he played with the car tires before he ate dinner.  OOPPS Still a live phew!

So Henry loves our dog Gary and he loves giving Gary his treats.  

There may have been a few times where I couldn't get the dog treat out of his mouth and so I just let him suck on it for a bit. 

We also have to watch out because he likes Gary's dog food as well.  And well there was this one time when we were skyping with Ryan's parents and we didn't quit stop Henry from eating the dog food.  It's all natural I think!

He apparently likes raw hides as well.  He gave him a raw hide to give to my aunt's dog and he ended up chewing on it. 

So this is my last Mom Award we let Henry stand on the kitchen counter and play in the medicine cabinet.  Don't worry he can't get into any of the medicine and we are always standing right there.  

I read about being a Yes Mom on one of the blogs I follow Mommfessionals.  I think I fit into that catagory.  I hope that I can say yes to my son more than no.  Which is tough with my son!  

Yes son you can stand on top of your toys!

DISCLAIMER:  My son was never hurt in any of his activities and I would never let my son do anything that could put him in danger. 

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