Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Little Man's Story

I wanted to give a little background on my family.  But I really want to tell a story about something that happened to my family.  

I have been married almost 4 years, to my almost always wonderful husband Ryan ;).  I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without him.  Don’t get me wrong there are time he can really make me mad.  We have a pretty neat story of how we met maybe I will tell it someday.  As I stated in my earlier post we excitedly welcomed our little boy Henry in February of 2013.  And this is where the story begins.  

As some people may know I lost my dad November 2009.  My dad’s name was Henry.  After I loss my dad I knew if I ever had a little boy I was going to put a lot of pressure on him to carry on the name Henry.  What I mean by pressure is that my dad was one of the most kind hearted man I knew.  He was so smart, even if he didn’t know the answer to a question he would give you an answer that he would make you believe he was right.  My poor husband never had a choice on a first name, luckily for me he liked the name.  Now for Henry’s middle name.  We choose Aaron, both Ryan and I have brothers named Aaron (which we tell them is why we picked Aaron) but Ryan is a huge baseball fan and who else to have our son strive to be like but Henry (Hank) Aaron.  My son is definitely taking after these two powerful role models.  He is so strong, smart and set in his ways.
Brother Aaron, Daddy, and Me
Now that you know how we got Henry’s name, on to our exciting story.  It starts with my Uncle Kent who helped take care of me while I was in College.  Kent and his wife my Aunt Vicki lived in Lubbock while I was going to Texas Tech.   In May of 2013 Kent passed away from Lou Gehrig disease.  Ryan, Henry and I booked our flight to leave Denver the night before the funeral.  Unfortunately our flight was canceled and the only way to get to Lubbock was to fly to Houston that night and take a flight out the next morning.  Which of course is exciting to do with a 3 month old.   This wasn't our first flight with Henry but I did not prepare for an overnight stay.  That next morning I had 2 diapers left.  We made it to Houston and the next morning we boarded our flight to Lubbock.  We leave the gate and while waiting to takeoff the pilot comes on that we will have to go a different way because of weather therefore we need to go back to the gate to get more fuel.  What we don’t fill the plane up completely.  Anyways so we get the fuel and head back out.  All of a sudden there is a loud bang, next thing we know there are fire trucks coming our way.  Our plane was struck by lightning.  So we go back to the gate and get off the plane.  I end up talking to this man who happened to be Kent’s boss.  We finally make it to Lubbock and Kent’s boss was so kind to take us to my Aunt’s house because at that point we had missed the funeral.  After all the troubles I am glad we went it was so great to see family and celebrate Kent’s life.  

Well a few days later Kent’s boss went to get all of Kent’s stuff and kept telling my aunt he just feels there is a reason why we met.  They talked a little about us and how we came up with Henry’s name.  A few days later Kent’s old boss was home back in Houston and called my aunt and said he figured it out.  He has a signed Hank Aaron baseball and he wants to give it to us from Kent.  Now my son has a Hank Aaron signed ball and an amazing story to go with it.

Every time I tell this story it just brings so much joy to me.  It reminds me how lucky my son is that he has two amazing men watching over him.  We love you and miss you Daddy and Kent!

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