Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Blog???

I started a blog a while back about all the races I was doing.  I couldn't ever get into the blog and what I was writing about.  It never felt right it had no meaning or importance.  Because of that I just quit writing.  I am not the best writer but I do enjoy writing it is my way of getting things off my chest.  So you may say well then just write a journal.  I believe some of the things I have to say could possible help someone else through things they are struggling with or questioning.  That is what got me back to blogging.  I feel that I have grown up a lot and my life has changed so much, that at this point my blogs will have some meaning.  

Have experienced so much that has made me grow as a friend, daughter, sister, wife, and a mommy.  Ryan (my husband)  and I moved to Denver where we had no family or friends.  It was exciting we were newlyweds and ready for a change.  We grew so close to each other, we depended so much on each other.  I think it is safe to say we both learned so much more about each other.  We loved Denver and it will always be a second home to me.  But after two years we had an opportunity to come back to Texas and we both (maybe me a little bit more) felt it would be a good time to come back.  I do have to say the best part about Denver is my beautiful little Henry was born making me a proud Mommy.  Henry was born February 11, 2013, happy and healthy.  

Henry has taught me so much and is another adventure that at times has been tough but has changed my life for the best.   Because of him is the reason why I wanted to start blogging again.  I am at the point in my life that a lot of my friends are having babies.  There is so much about having a child that I think people are afraid to talk about.  Well I want to talk about it.  I want to tell people what I have gone through, my experiences, and my stories.  I hope that I can provide advice not just from myself but also from my amazing friends and family that have given me so much help.  

I hope everyone enjoys my posts to come!

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