Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What a weekend!

What a weekend.  I was a single mom this weekend and I thank GOD every day that I have an amazing husband and daddy for Henry.  I admire all you single parents out there I defiantly wouldn't want to do it by myself.   I did love the time just Henry and I.  I didn't take many pictures I am so bad about taking pictures. 

Thursday night we took Ryan to the airport so by the time we got home it was time to eat dinner and go to bed.  I tried to plan ahead, I made a few casseroles that I could just heat up for dinner.  It was great to save on time but not so great for a little boy that is slowly becoming a picky eater at dinner. 

Friday, we hung out at the house and played with Gary (our dog).  

Have you seen cuter bed head! Got to love Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Saturday, is when the fun began!  We went and checked on the house and then went to hang out with Maddox and see how his big boy room was turning out!  Those boys are going to be trouble together they are so fun to watch.  Of course I got no pictures.  After Maddox’s house we went to watch football and hung out with Joe and Lexi.  Let me tell you that Lexi girl is going to boss those boys around when she gets older.  It was awesome Henry fell asleep at 6:30pm and didn’t get up till 6:45am! I wasn't far behind him in bed. 

Sunday, we started our morning watching Tech’s football game from the night before.  I am no football expert but omg they have got to figure things out.  Maybe Kliff Kingsbury should stay out of the media for a bit and concentrate on the team.  I love you Kliff, you are very good looking (not as handsome as my husband), I loved watching you play when I was at Tech, and I think you can do great things for Tech so let’s work on that!  After that stressful game I had to go for a run and I have the best little running partner.  We cut our run short to have brunch with family.  I am so lucky my family is so great with Henry and my brother he is AMAZING with Henry!   

                                         Henry Loves Whip Cream!
Henry then helped me clean the house (or feed Gary his snack)! Pretty exciteing weekend can’t wait till the next one!

Henry insisted I paint his toes to match mommy's!
We got one toe and then he was over it. 

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